Congratulations on establishing your company and creating your brand image. Having a specific tone, selling message, and choosing the right color for your brand, typography, and logo are all essential to making people remember you. However, making people remember who you are isn't the only key to longevity. People are looking for honesty, credibility, relatability, and high quality.

Many companies offer the "same." services as you, but customers aren't looking for a faceless corporation that provides services to gain money; they want representation and personal allegiance.

For Example, Nike for women created an ad that involved various women from different ethnicities and backgrounds. The ad was called "What will they say about you?" to encourage them to overcome barriers, not to be dissuaded by stigma, and pursue their dreams despite it all.

Nike: "What will they say about you." campaign

Nike's ad is a minor example of many brands using personalized narratives to better sell products/services and connect to customers. Think of your brand as a person, impression matters. You could have great qualities, but you give standoffish vibes. It all comes down to branding and conveying yourself as the supportive pal in their life journey.

"But how to make my brand have more of a personal touch ?" you might ask. Luckily, this is your guide to becoming up close and personal with your customers.

1- Builds Trust:

Despite the many feel-good stories and endless movies with happy endings. In reality, people are cynical at worst and skeptical at best, challenging businesses to get people to invest in their service or purchase their product. Where personal branding comes in handy is demolishing preconceived notions in people's minds. You get the people's trust by setting yourself and creating a narrative that aligns with their demands.

2- Enables Businesses to Stand Out

The competition to maintain relevancy is tough with each minute that passes by, a new business launches. It's not easy to establish yourself and stand out. That's why creating a personal narrative and structure helps you connect better with customers. When you become the author of your story by creating a consistent, friendly tone of voice and putting yourself as a relatable and reliable company, people will be more intrigued and willing to become loyal customers.

3- Gives Companies Solid Reputation

What developing a brand personality accomplishes for your business isn't beneficial solely on success between customers. When you create a personalized narrative and capture the true essence of your values and work environment, you will message the corporate world how exciting you are and make future employees eager to join your company.

Bottom line: There is more than meets the eye.

4- Increases Brand Loyalty and CLV

When companies base their entire brand persona on a transactional level, the customers see them as nothing special. Without rewards and offers, customers will begin their search for a company that gives them special treatment. People want to feel special and appreciated. They are seen, heard, and their demand met, so crafting a brand persona that shows how caring and dedicated you are to being their happiness provider will increase CLV.


People had enough with the fake and the phony. Gone are the days of faceless and soulless brands; this is a new era to develop new skills and evolve. People crave authenticity, and you serve the people as a business.

Consider how customers think and tailor your brand to suit their demands by becoming personal, honest, and credible.

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