We are living in a digitalized era. Everything in our lives is heavily reliant on technology, especially phones. According to Oberlo, from 2016 to 2022, the total number of global smartphone users grew at an average of 10.4 percent annually. From the statistics mentioned above, phones are an integral part of our lives, and why wouldn't they be? They can be easily carried and have all the features we need; we can call our friends and family, send important work memos and take fabulous selfies. Aside from these excellent characteristics of smartphones, they provide effective means to connect better with companies and service providers.

Clutch conducted research in 2017 and found that 42% of small businesses had a mobile app, which has kept increasing ever since.

So this tells us about the massive success companies have when creating their own branded apps, but apps aren't developed without a purpose or include any unique feature. To succeed in business, every element of your work must be perfect and tailored to fit your line of work and customer's interest. When speaking about developing an app, it has to be done flawlessly. In this blog, we will be discussing the MUST-HAVE FEATURES FOR YOUR BRANDED APP.


What is branded app?

A branded app promotes a company's brand through a mobile application. Typically, branded apps reflect the brand's identity and feature its values, colors, logo, visual style, and slogan.

What are the Benefits of a Branded Mobile App

  • Brand Recognition.
  • Increased Visibility.
  • Direct Marketing Channel.
  • Loyalty Stimuli.
  • Customized User Experience.
  • Increase in Profits.

What are the must-have features to be included in branded apps?

1- Simplicity

When your app is difficult to use, your users may lose interest quickly because they have short attention spans.
It is vital to have a more focused approach to branded mobile apps, as their purpose is to reach as many people conveniently and hassle-free.
With a clean, easy-to-use interface, the app is more likely to entice customers and keep them returning.

2- Descriptive product details

Although people use the internet and consume apps daily are skeptical about online shopping.
Prevent any skepticism from the customers by making your app include rich product details that show them all the details needed about your product before purchasing at your store.

3- Speed

One of the reasons people shop online is to save time. By making your app slow to load, customers will be frustrated and give up. Ensure the graphics and databases are appropriately sized for the branded app.

4- Photo Galleries

Shopping online is easy and convenient, yet people like to see the exact product they're purchasing. The lack of information and photos of your products will make your brand seem deceptive. So add visuals to help the customers visualize better what they're getting.

5- Security

Security is crucial because many applications store credit and debit card information and sensitive personal information, which is a goldmine for hackers who will attempt to get their hands on them by:

  • Installing malicious software on devices and apps so it can access data and steal screen locks. passcodes
  • Intercepting confidential data being transmitted over the network
  • Stealing consumer information for fraud or identity theft.
  • Obtaining private company assets

Because of all of these possible problems, your app security must be thoroughly thought out and not added as an afterthought.

6- Push notifications

Businesses can utilize push notifications creatively by promoting offers to mobile users or urging users to carry out a specific activity within the app to get a discount.
Push notifications, which can be text, visual, or both, are simpler to deliver than emails and are less likely to end up in spam folders. They can be used to send your consumers items they might be interested in.

7- Search Option

Although it seems straightforward, many apps fail to include this crucial feature even though many users rely on it. Once again, people tend to install apps to save time. You can have your app include every detail about your services and product, but failing to create a search option is somewhat of a disaster.


A branded mobile app will help you overcome growing pains, open new revenue streams, and improve customer communication.

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