Right now, most businesses have loyalty apps where they can better connect to their customers, reveal new products/services, or announce new offers.

"But how do companies gain much attraction and name recognition by using loyalty apps?"

Well, the short answer is Data, baby.

It might seem redundant to talk about data, but it's crucial to marketing your brand better. Data is the KEY to success not just in the business field but in life generally. 🔑

Without knowledge or insights, there is no room for improvement and evolution.

So it's logical for brands to use data to implement flawless marketing strategies.

What loyalty apps offer businesses is full-on insights on EVERYTHING, from daily analytics, feedback, customers' age demographics, and so on.

The ultimate access to information like never before is in a clever and efficient app.

For instance, through loyalty apps, store owners can track down a customer's daily order, spending habits, the most frequent locations of their branches, and the most bought food/services.


Businesses can adequately understand a customer's interest, feedback,  and referrals.

The branding journey begins as businesses look better at their regular and new customers' mindsets.

Knowing their advantages, strengths, and weaknesses, companies can work on filling the gap between customers and fixing the issues faced.

What starts as a simple loyalty app becomes a good and insightful tool. Here is how loyalty apps give you a boost up in the branding game

#1: Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is about letting the customer know your value, not just the services you provide or the offers you have. Being accessible is defining things to give you a lift up. The loyalty app offers an entry to firmly creative your brand's narrative.

#2: Makes the brand look trendy.

The most well-known companies' key to longevity is always keeping up with the zeitgeist. Loyalty apps are one of the key players in establishing a brand's name, constantly changing and updating its marketing plan. It's new, data-driven, and cost-effective; when companies step in and apply loyalty apps to get more traction, customers are now aware of how easily they can access the brands' services and order without a hassle. This leads to the next point.

#3: Bridging the Gap of connecting to the customer

Companies must always consider when it comes to outlining the customer base the "W's."

1- Who    2- What    3- Where

Who are the customers?

What is their interest?

Where do they live?

Through the data provided by loyalty apps, companies can use this information to create foolproof marketing campaigns, offers, and tailored ads that fit perfectly to each customer's interest and location.

#4: Be Seen as Considerate When Providing Customer Support

Customer Support

Let's say a customer might face an error or be confused about how to use the app, or a customer wants to give honest feedback on the product; this is where customer support comes in handy.

The comments companies receive from customers through loyalty apps can be shaped in many ways, such as reviews, complaints, or general statements about how to improve the company for the better.

After that, companies have precise and accurate information that can be used in their favor and label themselves as the brand that listens.

This comes through providing a reliable and well-trained customer support team who can channel the brand's values and assure customers they are not a faceless corporation but a company driven by people who care for customer satisfaction.

Through time, history keeps showing us how people behave, their interests and biases, and what history, if not a bunch of knowledge and data.

Data is a powerful tool and is to be used wisely and thoughtfully.

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