When we think of Instagram, we immediately think of aesthetically pleasing photos. People use it to share memorable and fun times, but companies use it to share their services and build a strong connection with their customers.

It's the obvious answer for brands to use Instagram since it has more than 1.4 billion users worldwide, opening up the gates to reach wider audiences. So when promoting your business, especially your loyalty program, Instagram is a crucial social media channel that can elevate its status to the top.

To cut this intro short and move on to the main topic of today's blog, let's see how you can create a social buzz promoting your loyalty program using Instagram.

1- Show Your Brand Identity

Your brand voice and story are essential in establishing your services, target audiences, and goals. Because Instagram relies heavily on visuals, it's the perfect opportunity to introduce your audiences to your loyalty program.
Use stellar designs, and create engaging content highlighting each program's perks.

2- Drive engagement with a call to action.

As we all know, loyalty programs' main elements are points and rewards. You can drive engagement, promote your loyalty program with a call to action, and make posts explaining how to earn loyalty points for users.

3- Hype Customers with Teasers & Reveals

Humans are curious beings. Sure, they are sometimes impatient, but with the just amount of hype and tease, they will be anticipating what's being offered to them. So when you are about to launch a new feature in your loyalty program or announce a new offer or deal, use Instagram to build up anticipation and keep the conversation going.

4- Guide customers with Instagram Stories and Highlights.

Instagram isn't limited to posts only. With significant features like stories and highlights used to boost engagement, you can make specialized content for these features.
Fact: Instagram Stories is used daily by more than 500 million users. So your Instagram stories should be entertaining and exciting and give viewers the impression that they are discovering something new about a brand.
You can experiment visually-wise with your stories and highlights without ruining your business's overall theme and aesthetic.

5- Partner with Influencers

Nowadays, influencers are the A tier celebrities. So if you want to get larger exposure and promote your business using Instagram, partnering up with influencers is a safe and solid answer.
You can choose the type of influencer similar to your brand's core values and share the same target demographic to create an ongoing social buzz on Instagram.

6- Communicate with your Customers

Personalization and humanizing your brand are things that you shouldn't underestimate it. Customers love companies that understand their pain and adhere to their demands. Regarding loyalty programs, your rewards should be precise and personalized. By creating content on Instagram that shows the type of rewards you give to your customers and communicating in a friendly tone of voice, you will have their attention and retention.

Who doesn't love a trend? Trends can make people laugh, get them to be creative, or, if used correctly, make audiences participate in them. With the rise of Instagram Reels, audiences spend most time just looking at videos and sharing them with their friends and family. If you want to create an exciting campaign for your loyalty program, you can
A) Follow a trend that's fun and reflects your services.
B) Create your trend and post it as a reel with specific hashtags, asking customers to make their version of the trend in exchange for rewards and deals.

Customers get rewarded, and you get a boost in sales and popularity.
WIN, WIN situation if you asked me.


There are tons of social networking services, but Instagram reigns supreme. As a company with a loyalty program, you should utilize Instagram to create a social buzz around your app, keep customers engaged and increase sales.

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