Thus, they look at brands from a total digital perspective and their spending power is increasing massively by the hour. That’s why you should put this in the spotlight if you’re seeking to gain their loyalty and turn this lucrative segment of the consumer marketplace into brand advocates. Let’s dive into our 3 tips that will make you hook the loyalty of the digital natives! 💫

#1: Leverage personalized customer experience

When it comes to interacting with your brand, it’s important to realize that over 44% of Gen Z are willing to provide you with their personal data in exchange for a more compelling and personalized experience. In this case, using the latest technology like machine learning and predictive analytics can be the best approach to collect Gen Ze’rs data across channels and predict their future behavior. Hence, you can deliver a more personalized experience that resonates with them.

So make sure to sell experience over products by providing a space where they can get educated, entertained, and inspired by you without actively trying to sell to them. In addition, ensure that throughout the entire touchpoints they have with your brand, you either deliver a benefit or solve a certain pain they face.

#2: Amplify your beliefs and values

How can you conquer a top-of-mind spot at the head of Gen Zer’s? You might be tempted to answer “online presence”. You’re almost right! there’s no doubt, that online presence is very crucial. They will snoop around your website and social media channels as they spend a huge deal of their time there and will definitely evaluate them with their critical. But this doesn’t always give them the extra push to build a strong relationship with your brand.

What would really matter the most to Gen Z is the impact of your brand on society and how it’s built on a core set of values that they live up to. Not just that, try to make an effort to demonstrate authentically these values, so they’d know that you’re not painting a fake picture about your company culture. This is can be the optimal way to stimulate Gen Zer’s trust and retention.


#3: Introduce a customizable loyalty program

While loyalty programs have proven to be a very effective way to retain customers over decades. there’s a need for brands to revolutionize their approach to meet the needs of Gen Zer’s. And this process begins with personalization (we mentioned this more than once, but we can’t stress it enough) 👀

79% of Gen Z love the idea of loyalty programs and think all brands should provide loyalty app and rewards. Loyalty programs allow you to have a deep understanding of users’ behavior and more in-depth data. For example, when was the last time they visited your store? What is the product they frequently purchase? When is their birthday? Accordingly, brands can develop customized rewards based on these insights gathered. Similarly, Starbucks rewards program offers its customers free drinks or food each time they make an order via the app by earning loyalty stars and so many various rewards. In fact, Starbucks is more than just a coffeehouse—it’s a data giant. As it understands its customers’ needs very well and knows how to reward their loyalty and gain their satisfaction.

The next generation: A sea of opportunities

Gen Z is changing the rules of the game and expecting way too much from brands now. If you put these tips to practice, you’ll stand out with them in the digital world as a legit brand! ⚡

If you have a brand that’s marketed towards the Gen Z or even looking to expand your reach. Zeal can empower you with top-notch loyalty solutions to attract, engage, retain, and grow your user base. And utilize the data effectively through world-class automated dashboards in one place. So, if you want to discuss a loyalty and rewards program that’s tailored to your business, get in touch now and let the game begin! 💪

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