New year, 365 opportunities to take; what could possibly go wrong?
If we are being frank, lots of things can go wrong.
Life is filled with obstacles and hurdles we need to overcome. We will face many challenges that won't disappear quickly, but we must pull through.

That intro sounds so bleak and dark, but it doesn't have to be like that, and for the sake of this blog's purpose, we understand the many barriers that companies will face in 2023. From inflation and customer retention to content marketing and more, it will take an effort to predict and avoid problems. Here, we will give you a rundown of the things that might cause an issue and the solution.


We are not Doctor Strange. We cannot predict the future, but we can help you prepare for it.

Here are the challenges you might face in 2023 and how to overcome them.

1- Generating Leads

The competition is getting tougher by the second as each company spends time crafting engaging content and executing strategies to create ads covering multiple channels.

Besides, Google search features like featured snippets and images have made it increasingly difficult to get traffic to your site. 65% of Google searches now end without a click.

So your competitors are not showing any signs of stopping, and Google isn't helping either. YIKES.

What is the solution?

This line triggers most people, but you must think outside the box. Be unconventional. Get creative. Know your audiences well and cater to their demands without being pushy or playing it safe.

Most unique content is the one that sticks into the customer's mind and adheres to their needs.

You can build a relationship with the customer and get personal; collaborating with an influencer will be good.

2- Keeping Up With Consumer Behavior

Trends come and go, and people change their minds 24/7. It's a constant battle to know what your customers will like today will be forgotten by tomorrow. Remember always to keep tabs on what your customer's like and adhere to each generation's needs. What works for Gen Z might not be for millennials.
Sure, both generations have different styles and specific languages, but both are tech-savvy and hard to get their attention. So studying consumer behavior and knowing their interests through data will allow you to create impeccable marketing strategies.

3- Security and the fall of third-party cookies.

Nowadays, people are concerned about their data being invaded by third-party cookies, leading to most browsers discontinuing support for third-party cookies, which track customer behaviors and launch targeted ads. This is a heck of a challenge for companies who rely on third-party cookies to create ads. Another concern by the people, and rightfully so, is the many cyberattacks happening to numerous visitors globally.


Companies can follow the law and regulations that insist on informing customers about their cookies, data sharing, and privacy policies. When crafting content, it's time to insert yourself into the customer's mind and create messages that leave long-lasting impressions by knowing their interests through zero-party and first-party data.

4- Website And Mobile Accessibility.

Contrary to popular belief, bombarding your website or application with excessive features makes loading the pages slower. Moreover, customers will be least interested in websites and applications if you have multiple ads, webinars, content, or CTR on your website.

The answer: Make your website/mobile application easy to use. Simple in design and less usage of unnecessary features.

Another issue is the website content itself. Your content is for everyone and should be easily reached. Make sure you use words wisely to describe your product/service. Let's say you have people with visual, hearing, or other impairments; they cannot access your website if they don't have something alternative that assists them in understanding your services.

Be sure to have alt text so visually impaired users can understand it.

5-  Identifying Customers Through Multiple Channels

Every day, a new social media or website emerges out of nowhere. You need help reaching your intended audience because so many options are available. Before making a purchase, today's consumers take many steps and use various tools.

To engage with leads effectively, you must identify where they are in their unique customer journey and anticipate where they will go next. To take the following action, you must also expect the device and channel they will utilize.

We hear the word "algorithms" many times when watching youtube videos, but what does it mean in the marketing world?

You see, Google is considered to be the most powerful search engine machine ever.

Google's digital empire is still growing. Due to underlying trends in digital marketing and changes in Google algorithms, the industry can quickly alter.

For your business to thrive, you must closely monitor the most recent features, guidelines, and algorithms published by the dominant search engine if you want to compete.

Wrapping Up

While we cannot prepare for everything that will occur, one can have multiple plans and strategies that help in landing safely.

2023 is coming and we must use all of its days to improve our skills, grow and evolve.  

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