What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a mobile ordering app? Mobile apps for restaurants. Fair, because restaurants do thrive when incorporating mobile apps into the business.

According to foodlogistics, Since March 2019, chains have seen their branded app downloads peek at +160%, and their share of industry transactions has nearly tripled.

Yes, the numbers don't lie; however, there are benefits for other industries' when applying mobile ordering apps aside from restaurants.

Let's look at why apps were developed in the first place. Apps are created to facilitate customers' lives when purchasing products and services.

Time doesn't stop, and we always chase it in all aspects of our lives.

Racing to catch the bus, finish the exam before it's too late, get groceries before the shop closes, etc. So companies create apps to help people get what they want without wasting time or feeling rushed.

And what better way to be a valuable and thoughtful company than having a mobile ordering app?

As a business, you should know your customers better, and what your customer love doing is online shopping.
Whatever comes to mind, customers already were searching for the product/service if it can be delivered to their doorstep.
Clothes? ✅
Electronic? ✅
Toys? ✅
Beauty Essentials? ✅
and much more.

So really, mobile ordering apps are not limited to restaurants only.
What advantages would you get from your mobile ordering app as a business owner? Let's find out.

1- Easier to Reach Clients

Since Covid-19 hit the world in 2019, the need to shop online has skyrocketed. For Example, Jumia's Retail sales rose by 19 percent in 2020, Mrsool's revenues more than doubled, and users quadrupled during the pandemic.
Oberlo states that "There Are 2.05 Billion Online Shoppers in 2020."
Statista claims that E-Commerce Sales Are Predicted to Hit $6.5 Trillion by 2023.
Mobile order apps provide accessibility and convenience for shoppers, which are the primary goal of every business needs.
The main takeaway is that mobile ordering apps and online shopping aren't slowing down anytime soon.

2- Rise in Revenue

You will experience an increase in sales if you make it simpler for clients to browse your product selection and place orders around the clock.
Your overall sales figures can quickly increase if your store has a mobile app. Customers will spend less time looking for products that aren't suited for them because they can view product information and browse possibilities at their own pace. Your overall revenue could rise significantly as a result.

3- Better customers data

Keeping your customers happy is essential to growing your business.
So to be ahead of the game, there are essential questions you must ask yourself like:
A) Who are my regular clients?
B) What do people enjoy purchasing from my company?
C) What products are in demand?
D) Do they know about the discounts I offer?
By having your mobile ordering app, you will be able to know all of these questions through the data and insights gathered from the app and know your customer's purchase history.

4- Easy Marketing

A solid online persona relates to being visible to your clients around the clock without spending money on costly media advertising and billboards.
Most users look for legitimate mobile ordering apps on Google, Facebook, and Instagram; from there, they find content and advertisements that are relevant to them.
These posts went viral rapidly, and users would soon download your application with the correct marketing strategy.

5- Keeping track of the costs you encounter in real-time.

The significant advantage of the online ordering system is that it provides precise information on the business cash flow.
You can monitor the expenses incurred when processing an order, compare those expenses to the price you charge the consumer, and maintain tabs on your profitability. An online ordering system will provide an accurate financial translation of each order in a day when you receive hundreds of orders without requiring you to peek into cash registers.


To succeed in your business, you must prioritize your customer's needs. And what they need is accessibility, a reliable company that provides their services without any hassle or hurdles. That's what mobile ordering app gives for your business.

So why waste an opportunity to grow while you can tell your customers hello?

Take the lead and reach your core audience with your branded app powered by Zeal.  

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