Set crystal clear objectives

The key to any successful loyalty program is to have a clear goal that aligns with your business objective. What are you trying to gain with this loyalty program? Only by having precise goals can you measure the success of your customer loyalty program.

An excellent example of this is Marvel’s point-based loyalty program.

Marvel wanted to reward their customers and foster their loyalty by making them engage with their brand online. Whether it's by interacting with social media, reading content on their website, or even taking surveys. By redeeming the points, fans can get branded items from their store or other exciting gifts.

The goal was to reward their fans for being fans, and only in knowing that did they come up with their loyalty program concept. Cheers to that! 🥂

Marvel Loyalty Program

Choose a creative theme

While this might sound lavish, in many cases, customer loyalty programs have failed to trigger the curiosity and excitement of customers because it wasn't distinct enough. The marketplace is now saturated with many merchants trying to sell something and market for it. So when trying to build your customer loyalty program, you must choose a unique name with a creative theme that will resonate with your customers, brand, and industry.

Make your rewards valuable

Setting up a loyalty program is not an easy mission; it has to be compelling and valuable to your customers to enroll in it. And the best way to do so, is by incorporating powerful data analytics into your brand that makes you understand your customer's behavior clearly and acquire insights into how they make decisions with your brand in the first place. So you can develop a winning customer-centric loyalty app.

Adapt gamification

Gamification is a game changer for merchants who use loyalty programs today and want to attract their customers, and that’s definitely no secret here at Zeal. Simply put: gamification allows the users to unlock benefits and track their progress along the way by completing specific milestones such as badges or levels—just like a game. As a result, this helps you understand how your customers prefer to engage with your brand modernly and reinforces user engagement by encouraging them to get into new fun habits.

Promote it across channels

If people don't notice your customer loyalty program, you're wasting money in vain. All loyalty programs need to turn heads, so you have to invest in promoting them and ensuring that your customers are aware of them through various channels such as social media, website, app, email, etc. By doing so, your customers can find out about your customer loyalty program through their most convenient way of communication. Not only that, but also you can generate new customers when they land on your website, for example, and notice that you're offering something cool.

If a loyalty program proves to be successful, you can quickly reinforce it; if it has little buzz, you can alter it or adjust quickly.

Setting up a loyalty program: Conclusion

There you have it: setting up a successful customer loyalty program is always worth the spend. And following these 5 tips will help you create a remarkable customer loyalty program and set you up for success.

Zeal offers a lot of techniques to get you started with building the right customer loyalty program for your brand and optimizing the overall customer experience. Signup now for free to access the best loyalty programs insights available.

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