Whether you’re a newbie in the world of ecommerce or have already launched your own website, you need to focus only on those critical hacks to fuel growth in your ecommerce business. Keep reading! 👀

#1: Build an SEO-friendly website

SEO has become a top priority for ecommerce and businesses in recent with this traffic metric getting more attention than ever before. It might sound like a daunting mission to get your potential customers to find you in the SERPs and click on your website but with an SEO-friendly site and deeper content personalization done right, you can rank higher than your competitors and showcase your products the right way so you’ll eventually be able to increase traffic that will lead to increased conversions and ROI.

#2: Become more data-driven

Why there are a lot of debates these days about data and why is it so essential for ecommerce businesses? Simply put, you can’t improve what you can’t measure. This is why using data is imperative to drive better business decisions, outperform your competitors, understand your customers, and know-how to retain them.

With the use of automated dashboards and custom reports, you can easily measure your current performance, check if you’re on track with your business goals and KPIs, and minimize potential risks.

An eCommerce dashboard

#3: Run promotions

Do you want your ecommerce brand to stand out from the crowd and generate more revenues?

Well, running promotions is a powerful idea because it leverages customer loyalty to nurture your relationship with your customers, exposes you to a new audience, and increases sales and repeat buyers. Here are some great promotions examples for your ecommerce business:

  • Buy one, get one free: It’s a proven sales hack that creates a sense of urgency and drives customers to make their purchase decision in a hurry. Also, they work just as fine with a service-based brand as they do with a product-based brand.
  • Giveaways: Everyone like the idea of getting something for free and sharing the freebies with their friends and family. This, in turn, will help you increase the “word of mouth” publicity and make your ecommerce brand remain memorable.
  • Free shipping and fast delivery: free shipping entices online shoppers to purchase instead of them ghosting the shopping cart at the checkout when they face the additional shipping charge. While free shipping is an important form for ecommerce promotions, fast delivery matters the most for some ecommerce and Q-commerce (a term used to refer to any online retailers that offer express same-day delivery to their customers). In fact, 87% of customers identified shipping speed as a key factor in their decision to shop with an ecommerce business again.

#4: Deliver top-notch customer service

Investing in your customer service team is obligatory to reduce customer churn and foster loyalty. They represent your brand voice and values which is considered a pivotal role in your relationship with your customer and can even be a deciding factor for them to buy from you. Actually, 96% of customers say customer service is important in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Without excellent customer service retaining customers and building a high-quality brand image would be impossible.

#5: Create a social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is powerful, this is a well-known fact in the digital world now. Even if you have a strong SEO strategy and your customers can find you easily through a search, you still need to rely on social media marketing. It allows you to pop up into your prospective customers’ feed and gives your website the traffic boost it needs to bloom. You can promote your ecommerce brand through social media with multiple techniques such as paid advertising, influencer marketing campaigns, and organic marketing. But first, you have to outline the ideal platforms that you need to be present on and set an end-to-end social media strategy that entails your business goals, so you can meet them.


These 5 hacks will have a magical impact on your ecommerce brand if you started to incorporate them into your business plan straight away. Of course, there are a lot of things you can do if you’re an ecommerce brand that can distinguish you but we only focused on these primarily hacks as they’re game-changing and will bring you one step closer to creating a remarkable brand and boost revenue.

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