Well, a business in the beauty and hair salon industry revolves around the goal of repeated purchases because it offers services that are frequently required by almost everyone such as haircuts, makeup, pedicure and manicure, etc. And for you to increase your salon growth, you have to invest in a user-friendly mobile app. Mobile apps have taken the world by storm. They help you put your brand right in the palm of your customers’ hands, give them consistency and an all-in-one experience with your brand. Most importantly, they contribute to higher customer engagement that will in return result in scaling your revenues. Now let’s zoom in on 5 must-have mobile app features every salon brand needs to have:

#1: Online appointments

Every salon must incorporate this feature into its app. Through this distinctive feature, customers can effortlessly book online the service they need in just a few minutes and enjoy a hassle-free experience by scheduling and paying via the app. With this in mind, you’ll be able to track easily the bookings and payments through the mobile app dashboards and measure your performance effectively.

#2: Loyalty programs

This powerful feature can be of great help to increase your customer acquisition and also entice your regular customers to remain loyal to your salon business. By introducing a customizable loyalty program through your mobile app, you can offer attractive discounts and promotions for your customers that will make them feel valued and rewarded for their relationship with your business and will also make you stand out from the competition. Here’s how you can get the most out of a loyalty app in your salon:

  • offer special discounts and promotions for your regular customers.
  • remind them of their rewards milestones.
  • impress your customers by celebrating their birthdays with a special reward from your side. (It’s your birthday! we’re always thinking of ways to delight you. So here’s 200 EGP to spoil yourself at any of our salons. Enjoy!)
  • reward your customers based on the number of times they visited your salon.

#3: Value-added content

One of the most highlighted features a mobile app adds to customers is that it responds to them with exactly what they need when they need it. This brings us to how important it is to create value-added and entertaining content that demonstrates your products and services and makes customers relate while navigating through the app. For example, you can introduce InAppStory by adding a section with content in stories format. This will very much help you leverage in-app engagement and session duration. It’s also a very great way to make your audience feel entertained and share their stories.

#4: Communication tools

When customers sign up to your salon’s app, they’re voluntarily providing you with their personal information and interests, and they expect to hear back from you about your latest updates and services. So, don’t hesitate to communicate with them regularly, you can do so by having a chat feature in your app that answers their questions about your services in real-time or even through push notifications, it’s a great tool to boost online conversion rates and increase app engagement. For example, some digital loyalty platforms, like Zeal, let you communicate with your audience via push notifications and send the right message to the right customer at the right time. So, you can offer discounts on new haircut styles or announce your latest products and services via push notification. This will capture the attention of your users and encourage them to engage back with you.

#5 Latest hairstyle or haircut

You can add a section in the app where you feature the trendiest hairstyles that looked fabulous on one of your clients or a celebrity who has visited your salon earlier by taking consent from them to upload their picture on your app. By doing this, you can target more customers and show your content to them in an authentic way while they are primed to engage with it.

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