When we think of loyalty programs, the first thought that comes to mind is irresistible offers, tailored deals, and engaging games that encourage customers to collect points to be redeemed. Nothing is guaranteed, as each competitor creates an extensive plan to lure customers in and gain their loyalty.
The question remains, how do businesses succeed? The answer is that business owners obtain data from these programs and utilize it to maintain customer retention and enhance their name recognition in the field—simple yet effective technique.
Each type of industry has its ways and USPs that can reach new heights if used correctly and marketed toward the right customers through loyalty programs.

Today we look at some of the most successful loyalty programs globally and discuss why they resonated with customers & what added value they applied to their loyalty program.

1- Sephora's Beauty INSIDER

The beauty industry is on the rise, with nothing to stop it from thriving. With that in mind, the most popular loyalty app worldwide due to its unique features is Sephora's Beauty Insider.
Their goal is to make their customers feel special; they offer flexible and creative benefits that cater to customer interests.
Sephora created a category for each member's points, the three tiers in the program, which are White, Black, & Gold. Not to mention other perks they give, like offers on favorite brands, birthday surprises, and a gift of your choice on every 200 points.

2-Starbucks Loyalty Program

If there's something we all agree on unanimously, it is our love for coffee, and Starbucks made it impossible to imagine a world without its delicious coffee. However, they didn't only focus on creating tasty coffee; they created a personalized loyalty program that's so impressive and unique it is considered one of the best loyalty programs ever made.
So basically, they encourage customers to collect "Star Points" gained when purchasing something at Starbucks.
These points are redeemed for rewards. The more stars they earn, the more rewards they get.

Also, customers get notifications of special offers and seasonal drinks when paying via mobile app.

3- H&M Now

The point-based H&M Now offers a variety of benefits for all fashion lovers. Since clothes are a crucial product to our lives that we cannot live without, H&M makes shopping fun.
For example, customers get birthday discounts, free shipping, surprise offers, and special access to limited collections.

4- Amazon Prime

Amazon is considered a titan in its field. The subscription-based service, which costs $119 per year or $12.99 per month, offers a wide range of benefits.
1- speedy one or 2-day shipping.
2-Access to Amazon's streaming service
3- early access to deals and discounts with Amazon partners.
With its quick deliveries and customized recommendations, Prime heavily emphasizes customer convenience.

5- Chick-Fil-A

An excellent example of a successful loyalty program is the Chick-Fil-A One app. Through the app, customers can earn points for the food they purchase, and these points can be redeemed for free items such as fries, salads, and strips.

With Chick-fil-A's membership tiers, customers can give rewards to friends and family, get surprise rewards, and participate in bonus point challenges.

Final Thoughts

These five mentioned programs come from different industries, yet the common denominator is creating a loyalty program that A) suits their line of work. B) understands their customers' wants and needs.

With the right app, efficient dashboard, and using data to maintain customer loyalty, a successful journey to the top will be booked.

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